Post Covid Plans

Children’s theatre is due to return in Autumn 2021.

We have been unable to commit to any other productions during summer/ autumn due to issues with rehearsals whilst restrictions are in place. It is hoped that we will be able to perform main our first main programme (adult) production in April 2021.

Temporary Closure of Theatre

Following government advice, Worcester Live have taken the decision to close the theatre for the time being in order to delay the spread of Covid 19. They will make contact with anyone who has booked tickets.

We fully support their decision and take the welfare of our members and audiences seriously.

We will return as soon as is practical and will be grateful for your continued support.

Audition: Agnes of God

STAC Audition Notice for Agnes of God by John Pielmeier
Performance dates: 21st – 25th April, 2020 in the Studio. Audition Thursday 9th January 2020 at 7 30 p.m. Lower Studio. Director: Marc Dugmore

Agnes of God is a play based on a true story as reported in The New York Times in 1972. It concerns a psychologist, Martha Livingstone, who is sent to a convent to assess whether or not a young novitiate, Agnes, is sane or not. Agnes has been accused of murdering a new-born baby found in a waste-paper basket in her room at the convent. Both Agnes and the Mother Superior, Miriam Ruth, maintain that the child was the product of immaculate-conception and that Agnes is an example of an earthly miracle. Dr. Livingstone, however, is an atheist brought up as a Catholic but lapsed in her belief because of life-events. The play follows Martha Livingstone’s investigation of Agnes, culminating in a session of hypnosis that reveals some awful truths.
There are only three parts in this play and the characters in the main will be visible on set all the time. Commitment is vital. The play is harrowing and may not be suitable for actors that have problems confronting issues of Faith especially followers of Catholicism. It doesn’t impugn religion but does question its validity. Please note that none of the characters will smoke.
Martha Livingstone (Psychologist)-Playing age 50-60. A tough talking, disillusioned, court-appointed psychologist tasked with assessing Agnes’ mental state; a hard, cynical woman who is a lapsed Catholic. She is an atheist who challenges the beliefs of the other two characters and resorts to hypnotism to discover the truth. A very challenging role.
Miriam Ruth (Mother Superior) – Playing Age 50 upwards .The Mother Superior (Mother) holds a terrible secret. Attempts to hinder Martha at every turn and tries to convince her that the birth was an immaculate conception. She is a tough, uncompromising woman who will go to any lengths to preserve the integrity of her Faith and does. Her support of Agnes is unwavering but not all that it seems. As cynical as Dr. Livingstone and for very different reasons.
Agnes (Novitiate) – Playing age 21. Agnes is the most complex of the three roles. She has been mentally destroyed by the birth and has formed a solid, psychological barrier that prevents her from seeing the birth as anything but an immaculate conception. She is an ‘innocent’ that has been manipulated by those around her all her life. Her mother tortured her from an early age and kept her from the outside world until sending her to the nunnery. She is a victim with repressed memories and a split personality that come to the fore when she undergoes a series of hypnotism sessions with the doctor. Ideally, but not essentially, the actor for this role should be able to sing.
Rehearsals will be the usual Monday and Thursday evenings from 7.30 pm and some Sunday afternoons from 2.00-6.00 pm by arrangement with the cast. Ideally, all actors will be required at every rehearsal. The play works as a series of flashbacks, scenes and monologues that overlap and blend into each other making it almost impossible to rehearse without everyone. It is also vital to have someone on the book that can be at every rehearsal. This is a very wordy play! Please let us know if you would like to help in a technical way with the production. Copies will be available to borrow from Bygones in Cathedral Square (Mon-Sat 9-30am -5-30pm – except 1pm-2pm on Saturdays.)

Audition for Yes Prime Minister


Production dates: 26th -29th February – 2020

Yes Prime Minister is a comedy by Anthony Jay and Jonathan Lynn

Audition Sunday 13th October Upper Studio at 13.30

This is a very funny show and very topical…..come along and have some fun.


Sir Humphrey Appleby…….senior civil servant, master of double speak

Bernard Woolley….junior civil servant (30-40) Humphrey’s lackey

Jim Hacker…the PM by default, completely out of his depth….over 40

Claire Sutton…Jim’s political advisor, intelligent and scheming…age immaterial

Kumranistan Ambassador….needs mid European accent over 40

Jeremy Burnham Director General of the BBC…imposing….one scene

Simon Chester…TV reporter….one scene

Casting: Good comedic skills required.

Rehearsal times: mainly Monday and Thursday evenings, some Sunday afternoons.

If you cannot make the audition date but are interested, please email