Audition: Men of The World

Auditions for our August production  (Men of the World) will take place at 2:30PM on Sunday 13th May in the Studio.

The audition will consist of people reading parts of the play as the main character and one of their other personas.

If you would like to audition but cannot make the above time and date please email

Performance Dates: 21st-25th August 2018

Rehearsals will be on Monday and Thursday evenings to start exactly at 7.30pm (or another night if this is an issue) and some Sunday afternoons to begin at 2.30pm. The rehearsals will finish no later than 10pm or 5pm. Hopefully, most will be in the studio, but other places may be used if required.

Requirements: Each actor will need a passable Yorkshire/Northern accent (but don’t worry if it is not one of your skills; there will be time to perfect it in rehearsals) and have the ability to adopt different personalities for the many parts.

All those cast will need to be paid up members of STAC (non-members may audition but must join if cast) . Scripts will be issued, with following charges:

  • £5 returnable deposit (using pencil only) and returning script at the end
  • £10 (using pen, highlighters, etc ) and keeping script at the end

The characters are three northern coach drivers preparing for a mystery trip to Scarborough and passing the time remembering more exciting trips from the past, such as the one down the Rhine Valley: Stick hates his passengers and wishes he was doing the Spanish run, Larry is a seasoned traveller and Mario Lanza fan and Frank is their female counterpart. These three actors take turns playing an assortment of passengers, from the dotty old complainers to the retired miners seeking excitement on too little money

LARRY  (male, older than the others, also plays Doris and Wally) – Has been doing trips for as long as anyone can remember; sings Mario Lanza songs; calm persona; leader of the three

STICK (male, age negotiable, also plays Jean, Brian, Martin, Harry, Mollie and Raymond) -Hates the day trips, much rather being with young ladies on a trip to Spain; bit bullish and argumentative; uses swear words at times

FRANK(IE)  (female, age negotiable, also plays Sissy, Len, May, Dot, Connie, Clive and Dolly) – The female counterpart of the three; confident and holds her own with the men; peacemaker

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