Audition: Shadowlands

Auditions for our October production  (Shadowlands) will take place at 7:30PM on Thursday 17th May in the Studio.

If you would like to audition but cannot make the above time and date please email

Performance Dates: 24th – 27th October 2018

Rehearsals will be on Monday and Thursday evenings plus some Sunday afternoons and are due to begin in July.

Requirements: All those cast will need to be paid up members of STAC (non-members may audition but must join if cast) . Scripts will be issued, with following charges:

  • £5 returnable deposit (using pencil only) and returning script at the end
  • £10 (using pen, highlighters, etc ) and keeping script at the end

The characters

CS Lewis in his fifties, academic, a character who grows in his humanity through suffering
Major Warnie Lewis Lewis’ bachelor older brother
Prof. Christopher Riley an Oxford don, bit older, maybe 50 to 70
Rev ‘Harry’ Harrington an Oxford college chaplain, probably 30-60
Alan Gregg an Oxford don, the youngest of the dons
Dr Maurice Oakley another Oxford don
Joy Gresham ( Née Davidman) American, late thirties
Douglas Joy’s eight-year-old son
Waiter/waitress in tea room
Waiter/waitress in hotel

The largest and most challenging roles are those of CS Lewis, Joy Davidman and Warnie(CSL’s older brother). There is the small group of Oxford dons (Riley, Oakley, Harrington and Gregg) who have three or four scenes with the two brothers – nice smaller roles. Of these Riley and Harrington are the larger ones. The director is happy to have one actor doing more than one of the smaller unnamed parts like, Priest, Waiter…..etc…..Equally we could have a larger team with those parts played by more actors, but the roles would be smaller on that basis
Scripts are available from Bygones in Worcester. Sign for a copy with name and address, telephone and date when taken out and returned – within 3 or 4 days please, and definitely return them there by the 15th May. Bygones of Worcester by the Cathedral open weekdays 9-30 -5-30 (Except 1-2 on Saturdays)

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