Audition: Neville’s Island

Four out-of-condition businessmen sent off on a team-building exercise in the Lake District succeed in being the first people ever to get shipwrecked on an island in Derwent Water. Bound in by fog, menaced by the wildlife and cut off from the world, this perfunctory middle-class exercise turns into a hilarious carnival of recrimination, French cricket and sausages. What should have been a bonding process for Gordon, Angus, Roy and Neville turns into a muddy, bloody fight for survival.
Brief descriptions of the four characters: these are not set in stone, just an idea
NEVILLE – appointed leader of the group who loses control throughout the play; a bit ‘bookish’ and a cryptic crossword buff; hates confrontations so attempts to act as pacifier; quite ineffectual; softly spoken

GORDON – the ‘bully’ of the group; bold, abrasive, cynical and inappropriately sarcastic; Glaswegian or Scouse; has some fantastic one liners in the script

ANGUS – the weakest of the group; over prepared as his rucksack should be named Tardis Mark 2; has doubts about his wife’s fidelity during his time on the island; does sit up in a tree so needs a head for heights

ROY – a quiet, child-like innocent man who has found God (or has he?); dedicated birdwatcher; possibly Welsh; spends a lot of time in the tree so a head for heights is needed

Requirements: There are no limits on the ages. Any age from 20-60+ will be considered.

The rehearsals will be on Monday and Thursday evenings to start exactly at 7.30pm (or another night if this is an issue) and some Sunday afternoons to begin at 2.30pm. The rehearsals will finish no later than 9.30pm or 4.30pm. Hopefully, most will be in the studio, but other places may be used if required.
All those cast will need to be paid up members of STAC. Scripts will be issued, with following charges: £5 returnable deposit (using pencil only) and returning script at the end or £10 (using pen, highlighters, etc ) and keeping script at the end.
If you cannot make the above dates and times and want to audition or help in some technical way, contact me on the email at the bottom of the page. I look forward to seeing you there.
Scripts are available to borrow from Bygones of Worcester, Deansway, Cathedral Square, Worcester, WR1 2JD. (9-30 -5-30 (Except 1-2p.m. on Saturdays & Bank Holidays). Please do not keep them for more than 4 days and return them anyway by Friday 28th June so they can be collected on Saturday morning 29th .

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