Audition for Yes Prime Minister


Production dates: 26th -29th February – 2020

Yes Prime Minister is a comedy by Anthony Jay and Jonathan Lynn

Audition Sunday 13th October Upper Studio at 13.30

This is a very funny show and very topical…..come along and have some fun.


Sir Humphrey Appleby…….senior civil servant, master of double speak

Bernard Woolley….junior civil servant (30-40) Humphrey’s lackey

Jim Hacker…the PM by default, completely out of his depth….over 40

Claire Sutton…Jim’s political advisor, intelligent and scheming…age immaterial

Kumranistan Ambassador….needs mid European accent over 40

Jeremy Burnham Director General of the BBC…imposing….one scene

Simon Chester…TV reporter….one scene

Casting: Good comedic skills required.

Rehearsal times: mainly Monday and Thursday evenings, some Sunday afternoons.

If you cannot make the audition date but are interested, please email

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